Easter Bunny Open

April 3, 2021 Results

It was great to be back on the water for our annual Open after having had to cancel in 2020 because of covid. Sixteen boats showed up to Harwich this year to duke it out for cash, coveted chocolate bunnies, and the bragging rights for 2021. While this was a smaller turnout than usual, some anglers no doubt were kept away because of covid related issues or the unusually cold weather. While it is often cold at the EBO, it’s not usually like it was this year, with starting temperature hovering at about 34 degrees. Luckily, the wind was manageable and it was sunny all day, which helped to take a bit of the chill off once the sun got high. It reached 44 degrees and the wind was steady at about 10-12 mph but it gusted over 20 mph in the afternoon. Coming off a week of unseasonably warm weather the water temp still ranged in the upper 40s.

There were 4 limits weighed, the best belonging to Jared and Gary McCartney, whose bag consisted of 5 smallmouth tallying 13.56 lbs. In second place was the team of Eric Femiak and Matt Furtado whose mixed bag of 4 smallmouth and single largemouth weighed in at 12.80. The team’s largemouth was one of only two green fish brought to the scale and it took the lunker largemouth portion of the split lunker pool. Third place was awarded to Dave Andrews and Scott Lepannen with a limit of 5 smallmouth that weighed 12.13 lbs. The smallmouth lunker prize went to Brian Quaglieri and Bob Mazzone with a nice 4.01 brown fish.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and thanks to all who participated for your continued support of Avid. We hope to see you again next year!

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1. Jared & Gary McCartney 5 13.56
2. Eric Femiak & Matt Furtado 5 12.80
3. Dave Andrews & Scott Lepannan 5 12.13
4. Ed Acton & Greg Johnson 5 11.49
5. Jacob Mitzan & Eric Arabian 3 7.56
6. Brian Quaglieri & Bob Mazzone 2 5.51
7. Scott Wilkins & Pete DeMoya 2 3.99
8. Paul & Zach Soucy 3 3.90
9. Robbie Aravio & Jon Leon 2 3.66
10. Cam Smith & Steve Goodman 2 3.49
11. RJ Ricci & Brandon Regnault 1 1.41
12. Jeff & Adam Jenness 0 0.00
12. Anthony Tempesta & Joe Burchill 0 0.00
12. Dave & Ethan Waugh 0 0.00
12. Frank McCormick & Mark Fraga 0 0.00
12. Bruce & Jeff Allen 0 0.00
Lunker LM: Femiak & Furtado: 2.77
Lunker SM: Quaglieri & Mazzone: 4.01

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