2017 Tournament Report

Long Pond Lakeville - Jun. 17, 2017


Fred and Nick crowned 2017 AOY and CAOY at Long Pond Lakeville

It’s been 5 years since Avid last visited Long Pond. While the weights were far from the glory days of this body of water, it was a pretty productive event. All anglers caught fish, and the majority had limits. It was our heaviest creel total since 2006.

The day started misty and foggy and stayed heavily overcast. Water temp was about 73 degrees. It was very calm for most of the day except for a brief period of light breeze out of the north between about 11 am and 1 pm.

Anglers reported action early and late, on either side of the breezy period at midday, on a number of presentations including topwater (buzzbait, frog, torpedo) and a usual variety of soft plastics. Faster-moving reaction baits didn't fare as well. The pond seemed much more fishable than our previous visits as weed growth has apparently rebounded from the annual spraying that took place in previous years (or that perhaps hasn't occurred yet this year) as grass was abundant.

Prize money was awarded to Ed Doyle for third place with a limit that weighed 8.27 pounds; second went to coangler Nick Mulcahy with 5 fish at 8.42 pounds. Once again it was Fred Naymie who took the winner’s share with his limit that checked in at 9.85 pounds. The event’s lunker prize was awarded to coangler Al Beaumier Sr who boasted a 3.16 pound fish.

This event capped our 2017 season and, when all tallied, it was no surprise that Fred came out on top, taking his third consecutive Angler of the Year title. It was a terrific year for Fred:

  • won 4 out of 5 of our qualifying tournaments
  • added to his club record of overall wins (now 15)
  • set a 2-day weight record at Champlain
  • tied Eric Femiak for most consecutive AOY titles
  • tied Eric and Paul Carvalho for most wins in a season
  • tied record for most fish in a season
  • set points records for 4/5 and 5/5 events in a season

On the coangler side it was Nick who grabbed his first CAOY crown, narrowly dethroning last year’s champ John Boudreau. Congratulations gentlemen, it’s well-deserved!

Our next stop will be our annual two-day tournament at Champlain/Ticonderoga to open our 2018 season.

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1 Naymie, Fred 5 9.85 2.38 - 9.85510
2 Mulcahy, Nicholas (N) 5 8.42 2.37 - 8.42500
3 Doyle, Ed 5 8.27 2.49 - 8.27490
4 Caudle, Mike 5 8.17 1.95 - 8.17480
5 Wright Jr., Bill 5 7.97 1.98 - 7.97470
6 Waugh, Dave 5 7.77 1.75 - 7.77460
7 Jenness, Jeff 5 7.68 2.04 - 7.68450
8 Medeiros, Jon 5 7.63 2.12 - 7.63440
9 Boudreau, John (N) 4 6.36 2.96 - 6.36428
10 Martinho, Matthew 4 6.46 2.94 .25 6.21418
11 Beaumier Sr., Alan (N) 3 4.80 3.16 - 4.80406
12 Tessier, James 3 4.24 2.17 - 4.24396
Lunker award: 3.16 lb., Alan Beaumier Sr.
Number of fish caught: 54
Gross weight: 87.62 lbs.
Average weight per fish: 1.62 lbs.
Survival rate: 98.15%

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