2018 Tournament Report

Long Pond Harwich - May. 19, 2018


Fred returns to form at Long Pond Harwich

After coming in a mere second at the club’s previous tournament at South Watuppa, Fred Naymie bested the field at Long Pond Harwich for his third victory out of the season’s four events fished so far.

This event was expected to be a spawn tournament and, sure enough, the smallies were on beds. The water temperature hovered at about 60 degrees. The problem was the weather. It was windy out of the east all day and cold, with morning temps in the mid 40s. By day’s end it was only in the mid 50s. It started out partly cloudy but quickly turned overcast and it was rainy in the aftrenoon. Between the wind, low light conditions and rain, the conditions were hardly ideal for sight fishing beds. As a result, no Harwich hawgs came to the scale and bag weights were on the low side. The average weight per fish was the lowest (1.82 lbs.) of the 7 qualifying events Avid has held there.

Because of the smaller-than-usual crowd, we were only able to pay out two places and lunker. In second place was Paul Carvalho with a limit of five smallmouth that weighed 12.69 pounds, anchored by a big fish of 3.38 pounds that was good enough for the lunker prize. As previously stated, Fred Naymie took first place with a limit of 13.50 pounds. Fred has won 8 of our last 11 qualifying events, dating back to 2016.

Next up is Lake Nippenicket in Bridgewater on June 16.

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1 Naymie, Fred 5 13.50 3.25 - 13.50510
2 Carvalho, Paul 5 12.69 3.38 - 12.69500
3 Boudreau, John (N) 5 9.74 2.86 .5 9.24490
4 Shpack, John 5 9.17 2.84 - 9.17480
5 Martin, Kevin 5 7.94 2.15 - 7.94470
6 Waugh, Dave 4 6.19 2.25 - 6.19458
7 Mulcahy, Nicholas (N) 4 5.53 - - 5.53448
8 Doyle, Ed 5 4.97 - - 4.97440
9 Jenness, Jeff 2 3.24 2.24 - 3.24424
Lunker award: 3.38 lb., Paul Carvalho
Number of fish caught: 40
Gross weight: 72.97 lbs.
Average weight per fish: 1.82 lbs.
Survival rate: 95.00%

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