2023 Tournament Report

Long Pond Harwich - Oct. 14, 2023


Nick Mulcahy secures first 2023 win on tough day at Harwich

Avid ended up having to cram two tournaments into one weekend--due to scheduling conflicts, cancellations due to weather, and the season’s end rapidly approaching--and decided to fish on the Cape for both events: Saturday at Long Pond in Hariwch, and Sunday at Johns Pond in Mashpee.

The event at Harwich turned out to be a much tougher bite than anticipated, especially since the weather was on the fisherman’s side all day long and water temps were in the mid- to upper-60s. There was only a slight breeze so the entire lake was very fishable and the skies were partly to mostly sunny for all but about the last hour when cloud cover became dense.

In all, only 6 fish were weighed and none of them were monsters. The event paid out two places and John Shpack’s two smallmouth were enough to land him in second place. Nick Mulcahy took first place and lunker money from the back of the boat by netting a pair of smallies that included the day’s lunker fish. This was Nick’s first win as a member of Avid, and gave a win to each of the club’s 4 active anglers in 2023, tightening the race for the 2023 Angler of the Year title. It will all be on the line toworrow at John’s Pond!

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1 Mulcahy, Nicholas (N) 2 5.01 2.76 - 5.01504
2 Shpack, John 2 3.08 - - 3.08494
3 Waugh, Dave 1 2.38 2.38 - 2.38482
Lunker award: 2.76 lb., Nicholas Mulcahy
Number of fish caught: 5
Gross weight: 10.47 lbs.
Average weight per fish: 2.09 lbs.
Survival rate: 100.00%

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