2013 Tournament Report

South Watuppa - Oct. 20, 2012


Naymie Perfect in Back-to-Back Wins at Watuppa, Wequaquet

Fred Naymie pulled out back-to-back wins, first at Wequaquet then again at South Watuppa, to start the 2013 season on a perfect note: Two events, two limits, two first place finishes.

The lake was surprisingly generous considering the club's past history there, giving up seven limits to the nine participants. Nearly every fish weighed was a largemouth. And, while most fish were on the small side, the event lunker went to Eric Femiak with a respectable 3.61 pound fish, the only one weighed that topped three pounds. Rounding out the top three finishers were Eric Femiak in second place with five fish for 9.60 pounds, and non-boater John Boudreau with a limit weighing 9.39 pounds. Fred's winning limit weighed in at 9.77 pounds.

The weather for the event was mild and calm to start, with periods of mist and fog throughout the day. The wind picked up as the day wore on, but was by no means unmanageable. The warm conditions and overcast skies drew the active fish to the shallows and that's where most anglers found their greatest success.

While this event closes out the 2012 calendar year, it's just the second event of our 2013 season, so there's still time to catch Fred. The 2013 calendar will see us starting up again at Harwich in April as a club, but our first event will be the annual Easter Bunny Open, also at Harwich, on March 30.

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1 Naymie, Fred 5 9.77 - - 9.77510
2 Femiak, Eric 5 9.60 3.61 - 9.60500
3 Boudreau, John 5 9.39 2.31 - 9.39490
4 Carvalho, Paul 5 9.00 2.59 - 9.00480
5 Caudle, Mike 5 8.91 2.35 - 8.91470
6 Shpack, John 5 7.22 1.60 - 7.22460
7 Pickering, Bob 5 6.79 1.58 - 6.79450
8 Mulcahy, Nicholas 3 4.63 1.54 - 4.63436
9 Waugh, Dave 0 0.00 - - 0.00125
Lunker award: 3.61 lb., Eric Femiak
Number of fish caught: 38
Gross weight: 65.31 lbs.
Average weight per fish: 1.72 lbs.
Survival rate: 100.00%

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