2013 Tournament Report

Long Pond Harwich - Apr. 20, 2013


Carvalho Sets New Avid Record With Giant Bag at Harwich

After the early-season disappointment of the Easter bunny Open on Long Pond Harwich two weeks earlier, the members of Avid were hoping things would be looking up for the club's return to that same location on April 20 for a club event. After all, the weather in the intervening two weeks had been pretty warm and much more springlike than the weeks leading up to the EBO; enough so that water temps had risen from the low 40s to the low 50s (though not quite warm enough for the spawn to kick into gear).

As it turned out, all but one of us (more on that later) was disappointed in how tough the bite was.

While a few areas showed that some fish had buegun to fan beds, it didn't appear that any of them were stuck hard and fast to them. That said, the tournament featured pre-spawn tactics and typically non-agressive cold water bass, and the day's weather didn't help the bite. The morning was rainy, gusty, and moderately warm with air temps in the low 50s. At about noon, however, the front passed and colder clear weather arrived. The day ended sunny, with temps in the mid 40s and a light breeze. Those who caught fish did so early, before the weather changed and gave the fish an even more severe case of lockjaw.

At the scales only 10 fish were weighed among the 9 participants and only one angler had a limit. But what a limit it was! It seems Paul Carvalho had them figured out early, at least on the one productive spot he found, from which all of his fish came. Those five fish tipped the scales at a scale-busting 20.59 pounds, besting the former club record for a 5-fish limit of 18.66 pounds held by Eric Femiak since 2005. What's most surprising is that all of Paul's fish were smallmouth. Needless to say, Paul captured first place easily. He also had the event's lunker, a 4.93 lb fish, topping Bill Wright's biggest smallie of 4.47 lbs. Bill had two fish for 6.83 lbs. and took second place honors. In third was Bob Pickering, with one fish weighing 3.03 lbs.

Our next event is at Webster on June 1, when the spawn for both species should be in full swing. With any luck, those who experienced famine on Long Pond will have their chance at a feast on Webster. See you there!

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1 Carvalho, Paul 5 20.59 4.93 - 20.59510
2 Wright Jr., Bill 2 6.83 4.47 - 6.83494
3 Pickering, Bob 1 3.03 - - 3.03482
4 Caudle, Mike 1 2.28 2.28 - 2.28472
5 Doyle, Ed 1 0.94 0.94 - 0.94462
6 Boudreau, John 0 0.00 - - 0.00125
6 Martin, Dean 0 0.00 - - 0.00125
6 Naymie, Fred 0 0.00 - - 0.00125
6 Waugh, Dave 0 0.00 - - 0.00125
Lunker award: 4.93 lb., Paul Carvalho
Number of fish caught: 10
Gross weight: 33.67 lbs.
Average weight per fish: 3.37 lbs.
Survival rate: 100.00%

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