2015 Tournament Report

Johns Pond - May. 16, 2015


Shpack Finds Big Smallies on Johns Pond

The Avid group got together on May 16 to try our hand at Johns Pond in Mashpee. Johns was a new tournament site for us and it did not disappoint. Although the big fish that are usually anticipated during the spawn weren't present in quantity, the number of fish overall was impressive. Every angler caught fish and 7 limits were counted. Overall, a total of 50 fish were weighed by the 12 guys who fished.

As for the weather, the day started out clear and mild, with a light southwest breeze that riffled the water (just enough to make bed fishing that much more difficult!). The sky clouded after about 1pm, the temps dropped, and the breeze increased. It even rained unexpectedly for a short time just prior to weigh-in. Several guys reported that this seemed to turn the fish on a bit, as a flurry of bites came after the clouds moved in.

While the smallmouth were actively spawning, for the most part the big females had not moved up yet despite a week of hot weather -- 70s and 80s -- prior to the tournament. Lots of small buck bass were caught off beds. Thsee were the same small fish that were seen as much as a week prior to the event on the same beds.

Even the largemouth had begun to spawn, a sure indication that the water should have been more than warm enough for the female smallies to kick into gear. Largies were up very shallow, both cruising and bedding. So where were the females and why hadn't they moved up after so much time and warm weather? Well, despite the hot air temps, the water remained surprisingly cool, only registering in the upper 50s at tournament time. Plus, the crystal clear water no doubt kept the fish on edge in the presence of boats. After all, the lake had been pounded all week not only by Avid guys practicing and local fishermen, but those practicing for another event to be held the day after ours. So perhaps there were more big fish present than we realized, but they moved off the nests and hovered nearby as we approached.

Whatever the case, it didn't seem to hinder John Shpack, as he managed a limit of 5 good smallmouth at just under 15 lbs. (14.74) to claim first place. On his heels in second place was Bill Wright whose limit weighed in at 11.76 lbs. In third was Fred Naymie with 9.45 lbs. Big fish honors went to John Boudreau whose lunker largemouth came in at 3.72 lbs.

So now that Johns in in the books, it can be called a success and It seems likely that we'll be visiting again. But for now we turn our attention to Sabbatia for a shallower, weedier change of pace on June 6. Will the spawn still be on? Will the tiny lake actually hold 12 boats? WIll the weeds be so thick you can walk on them? Stay tuned!

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1 Shpack, John 5 14.74 3.60 - 14.74510
2 Wright Jr., Bill 5 11.76 3.29 - 11.76500
3 Naymie, Fred 5 9.45 2.82 - 9.45490
4 Nolan, Steve 5 9.21 2.71 - 9.21480
5 Carvalho, Paul 5 8.19 2.06 - 8.19470
6 Caudle, Mike 5 7.60 2.90 - 7.60460
7 Boudreau, John (N) 4 7.45 3.72 - 7.45448
8 Mulcahy, Nicholas (N) 4 6.95 - - 6.95438
9 Lin, Jeff (N) 5 6.65 1.60 - 6.65430
10 Lucas, Matt 3 5.90 2.71 - 5.90416
11 Doyle, Ed 2 3.53 - - 3.53404
12 Waugh, Dave 2 2.98 - - 2.98394
-- Martinho, Matthew - - - - - DQ
Lunker award: 3.72 lb., John Boudreau
Number of fish caught: 50
Gross weight: 94.41 lbs.
Average weight per fish: 1.89 lbs.
Survival rate: 100.00%

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