2021 Standings

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How Standings Are Calculated

Avid fishes five events annually, and includes participation in an annual TBF or BASS youth event as an additional (sixth) event, worth 500 points. Club officers are awarded 500 points as their sixth event for their additional level of involvement. Members who particpate in youth events and are officers are awarded a maximum of 500 points no matter how many youth events they may also particpate in.

Weighted standings will be displayed below after all five of a season's on-the-water events have been completed. These standings are used to determine an angler's eligibility for state championships and the club's Angler and Co-angler of the Year awards. They represent points earned in the best 5 of 6 of each angler's finishes, including youth/officer points. Anglers receive no points for an event from which they were disqualified but that event is included in the number in which they participated.

Separate data for boaters and co-anglers is not available for seasons prior to 2014.

Only members who fished are displayed.

* = Big fish award leader

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