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Bill Wright Jr. - Boater

Angler Profile: Bill Wright Jr.

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Hometown: Fall River, MA
Born: Jun 24, 1957
Occupation: Engineering Technician
Member from 2004 to 2019
Other clubs joined: ABA
Accomplishments: Qualified for Mass. state fish-offs 2001-2006
Sponsors: None
Boat/Motor: 2004 Ranger 520VX with Yamaha 225
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Personal bests to date in all qualifying Avid events

Biggest bag (1-day): 16.48 lbs. (Lake Champlain)
Biggest bag (2-day): 9.36 lbs. (Winnipesaukee)
Most fish (1-day): 5 (Sabbatia)
Most fish (2-day): 6 (Winnipesaukee)
Most points (1-day): 502 (Mashpee-Wakeby)
Most points (2-day): 452 (Winnipesaukee)
Highest finish (1-day): 1 (Mashpee-Wakeby)
Highest finish: (2-day) 7 (Winnipesaukee)
Biggest fish: 5.92 lbs. (Mashpee-Wakeby)

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